Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Diagramo

Do you want an easy way to create and share diagrams via the web? Try Diagramo.

Some of the features described on the website include:

Rich HTML 5 interface (no flash)
Diagramo allows you to easily create, edit and share diagrams providing a similar user experience as regular desktop applications

No software required to view the diagrams
One of the main advatages of our web-based editor is that you can share your works with anyone and they don't need to purchase or install any software

Lifetime availability for your diagrams
You'll have permanent access to all the diagrams and graphs that were created using Diagramo

No browser plugin required
You do not need to install any browser plugin or extension in order to use Diagramo

Wide range of possible uses
You can use Diagramo to create organization charts, diagrams, network architecture diagrams, graphs, landscape designs

Try it out and leave us a comment below.

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