Friday, December 10, 2010

TLC Spotlight - Lightwriter SL40

The Lightwriter SL40

The Lightwriter SL40 is a small, powerful communication device for those needing voice output.   The SL40 quickly and clearly converts text to high quality Acapela speech, sends and receives text messages (SMS), stores notes and contacts, acts as a remote control and more, all in a lightweight and durable device.

The Lightwriter has dual display In addition to the user display, there is a high-resolution, large print, forward facing display allows listeners to read messages from the individual typing. The readable display allows communication in noisy environments and when silence is important. 

The Lightwriter SL40 also comes with word prediction,Word prediction makes communication faster and more efficient.

Another great feture is the built in environmental control .  The built in infrared of the Lightwriter® SL40 can be programmed to control appliances, toys and some home control systems.

The keyboard on the SL40 has adaptable keyboard sensitivity. It is equipped with three changeable key guards of different depths, which increases ease of use and typing accuracy. The layout can easily be changed to different QWERTY and ABC formats.

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