Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For those of us who help K-12 students get accessible texts, it had been a real problem to help those same students as they entered college and didn't have the same laws and support system in place.  When the AccessText network came into being, and further expanded to provide free membership to colleges, it was a godsend.  From their website, www.AccessText.org:

"The AccessText Network helps college students with print disabilities by connecting their disability service offices directly with leading textbook publishers to obtain electronic files. These files are used to create accessible versions of the textbooks."

I've been using their new Accessible Textbook Finder, which allows you to search NOT ONLY their collection, but also Bookshare, Learning Ally, etc.  It's great!

And here's a secret!  You can use their search tool even without being a member!  You can be looking for a book for a k-12 student, it doesn't matter-- this tool just helps you search all sources.  

TIP- the ISBN search field only accepts up to 13 numbers, so get rid of dashes before cutting and pasting an ISBN nunber into the search.  And if the ISBN number doesn't show up, search by title.  

Thursday, April 05, 2012

TLC Spotlight - Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

With the Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, you will have access to your favorite compatible iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch applications. You simply sync the Blue2 switch with your Apple® device and activate the switch scanning mode.
With two built-in switches, the Blue2 supports both single and dual switch access. Additional switches can be used with the Blue2 Switch by plugging them into the available ports.

Additionally, Ablenet's Blue2 Bluetooth Switch also comes with a USB Bluetooth dongle so you can use it for computer access.

Bluetooth wireless access up to 30 ft.
No-touch access to compatible iTunes AAC apps
Single or dual switch access
Long battery life
Computer access with the included Bluetooth dongle
Supports five modes of keyboard/mouse commands
Compatible with iPad, iPod Touch (3rd & 4th Generation), and iPhone (3GS & 4).

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