Monday, December 20, 2010

An Amazing and Free Resource

WatchKnow has indexed over 20,000 educational videos, placing them into a directory of over 3,000 categories. The videos are available without any registration or fees to teachers in the classroom and to students at home whenever they want.

From Schoolhouse Rock classics, like How a Bill Becomes a Law and Conjunction Junction to videos culled from YouTube to clips from the History Channel... It's a treasure trove for certain.

Users can dive into the  innovative directory or search for videos by subject and age level. Video titles, descriptions, age level information, and ratings are all edited for usefulness. Our Web site invites broad participation in a new kind of wiki system, guided by teachers.

The site has plans to index over 50,000 more educational videos in the upcoming year. WatchKnow is a program of the non-profit 501(c)(3) Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi, and is directed by Dr. Joe Thomas.

It is the hope of the site's creators that students, parents, teachers, librarians, and everyone interested in the education of children will use and help further build this system.

Check it out.

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