Thursday, December 09, 2010

10 Tips for OneNote Organization

Do you use Microsoft OneNote? It is a powerful tool to assist with organization. Never heard of OneNote? According to the Microsoft Website

“Many of us carry a notebook or notepad around to take notes for business, school, or personal projects. But can you easily find — and decipher — the info you need? Is it convenient to share your notes with others? Take control with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, the easy-to-use note-taking and information-management program where you can capture ideas and information in electronic form. Insert files or Web content in full-color, searchable format or as icons that you can click to access. Watch this demo to see how simple it is to gather, format, organize, and share information. And then say goodbye to your notepad!”

Kathy Jacobs posted a very informative list of 10 tips for OneNote organization to the Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award Program Blog. Here is her list of the 10 tips.

1. Create the notebooks you need as well as the ones you think you might need.
2. Create your notebooks where you are most likely to need them.
3. Set your default notebook location in OneNote to the network folder where you store your notebooks.
4. Organize your notes the way you think.
5. Move your note pages to where they belong.
6. Tag your notes intelligently.
7. Organize your tags.
8. Remember that even if you can't find a note, OneNote can.
9. Title your pages for future reference.
10. Link your notes. To each other. To other documents. To the web.

Do you want to read the entire blog post? Check it out here

Do you have some other helpful tips for using OneNote for organization? Leave a comment below and share your expertise.

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