Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Google Notebook

Do you want a simple way to organize your research, images, links and text? Try Google Notebook.

Simply sign in using your Gmail account and you have a single place to store all your information on-line. Access your information from anywhere - all the information is web based. You can also add your own notes and share the information with anyone.

Want more free resources from Google?? Check out this link to read an article titled " 25 Little Known Google Tools for Scholars and Academics"

Have you used any of these tools? Leave a comment and share your experience.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AT Demo Center in Action - Tomorrow!

Tomorrow - The Assistive Technology Center comes to you!!

The New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education is having their annual conference tomorrow and Thursday (June 30 & July 1) at Georgian Court University, Lakewood and the AT Demo Center will be there both days!

Have you wanted to try something to see if it is right for you? Then come check out our Hands-on Demos. The knowledgeable staff of the AT center will be on hand to guide you through the features of an array of Assistive Technology devices.

What if you don't know what you want? Don't worry - come by and speak to a staff member. In addition to the devices on display, we can share resources to best meet your need.

We hope to see you there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

TLC Spotlight - The G.R.I.P. Pad

OOPS! Drop something again?

Well - hold it in place with the G.R.I.P. Pad. According to the website:

The G.R.I.P. Pad (Gadgets Remain In Place) is a patent pending, unique, non skid, slimline lap or vehicle platform that holds objects in place on the top surface and "no slip" on the underside. It facilitates ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) and promotes greater independence.

The G.R.I.P. Pad can be customized for a specific need. The secret of The G.R.I.P. Pad is the high friction coefficient "non-slip" fabric and it's rigid structure. The surface fabric is water resistant, cleans or decons easily and tolerates up to 200 degrees F.

The G.R.I.P. Pad makes the most everyday requirements easier and faster. It also functions as a mobile office assistant while on the move and fits nicely into a laptop bag. As a sidekick on the passenger seat, it minimizes objects flying off the seat and onto the floor.
"My daughter Catherine loves her GRIP pad - she makes her own oatmeal each morning and there were always problems about getting it from the microwave to the table without burning her legs (she only has use of one arm) and this is the perfect answer. She is finding that she can use it in her volunteer jobs for a variety of purposes - gives her a nice lap for holding all sorts of things to transport from one place to another." -- Sandy

What do you think? Do you want to TRY IT before you BUY IT? Then join our Technology Lending Center. Click here to join today!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Slide Share

Do you want to share your Powerpoint presentation? Do you want to create your own webinars and have students access them online? Try Slide Share

Just sign up for your free account - then upload and share your presentations, Word or PDF documents. You can also add video or audio to create a webinar!

Check out this example of a Slide Share presentation on Interactive Math and Science Websites

Have you used this tool? Comment below and share your experiences.

Friday, June 18, 2010

TLC Spotlight - Livescribe Smart Pen

With the Livescribe Smartpen, never miss a word, capture everything.

Livescribe Smartpen records audio and links it to what you write. Did you miss something? No problem, tap on your notes or drawings with the tip of your Livescribe Smartpen to hear what was said while you were writing. Microdots printed on Livescribe dot paper enable the infrared camera at the tip of the Pulse Smartpen to track everything you write down. Special Controls at the bottom of each page help you navigate pen applications and features.

No need to bring your laptop. The Livescribe will transfer your notes to your computer, organize them, and even search for words within your notes. Audio notes can also be converted to MP3 files and downloaded to your computer or iPod for further listening.

The 2GB of memory can hold over 200 hours of recording (Actual time may vary). Requires: Windows XP™ 32-bit SP2 or higher, Windows Vista™ 32 or 64-bit operating system, or Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5.5 or newer.

What do you think? Do you want to TRY IT before you BUY IT? Then join our Technology Lending Center. Click here to join today!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Paper Rater

Do you want to edit your writing to check for grammar errors? How about searching to ensure that there is no plagiarized work within your paper? Then try Paper Rater . This service was designed to evaluate high school and college level papers.

Simply copy and paste your work into the online form and the website will instantly evaluate your writing and provide suggestions for improvement. The website focuses on the following areas:

  • plagiarism detection
  • spelling and grammar check
  • style and word choice analysis
  • readability stats
While the service is free now - there will be upcoming improvements that will be included in the premium version. No price has been listed yet for the premium service.

According to the website, additional features will include:

  • tools to overcome writer’s block
  • idea analyzer: are your paper’s ideas well-supported by your text?
  • ability to create a personal database online for your essays and research papers
  • advanced word choice analysis using genetic algorithms
  • search hundreds of online databases automatically
So, if you are having trouble with that writing assignment - try this website out. As always, comments are welcome below.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Digital Comics Just in Time for Summer Reading!

Advertising for the new iPad boasts it gives access to more books than you can read in a lifetime. That’s great…but what about folks who prefer chilling with a comic or graphic novel instead of curling up with a book? Now, there’s an app for that.

Enter PanelFly, which bills itself as “Your local comic book store in your back pocket.” Nifty. This app lets you access your favorite superheros and villains digitally. Affiliated publishers include Marvel, Brain Scan Studios, Antarctic Press and many more.

You’ll need an iTunes account. With PanelFly you can search, preview and download comics to your iPhone or iPad. Happy reading!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

TLC Spotlight - Black Optical Finger Mouse

This is the first in an ongoing series of posts that will highlight devices available in our Technology Lending Center.

The Technology Lending Center at Advancing Opportunities offers its members access to the most comprehensive lending library in the state. We offer free shipping, fast turn-around time on all loans, and a service oriented and knowledgeable staff to assist you through every step of the process. We offer various membership levels to fit your specific situation, and are regularly adding to an already impressive collection of Assistive Technologies.


The Optical Finger Mouse from Logisys opens a whole new dimension to navigating your computer. It straps comfortably to your index finger.
It's compact size and easy no mouse pad required design is perfect for mobile and laptop use. It also features dual mouse buttons and a scroll wheel for fast and easy navigation.

Other features include:

Simple and easy mouse cursor control
Works on virtually any surface except reflective glass
Dual mouse buttons and scroll wheel for easy navigation
Comfortable 3 foot 8 inch cloth USB cord

What do you think? Do you want to TRY IT before you BUY IT? Then join our Technology Lending Center. Click here to join today!

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Puzzle Maker

This week we will to talking about something fun to use in the classroom. Want to make your own puzzles? Check out Puzzle Maker

It's FREE to use and you can make the following types of puzzles:

* Word Search
* Criss-Cross
* Double Puzzles
* Fallen Phrases
* Math Squares
* Mazes
* Letter Tiles
* Cryptograms
* Number Blocks
* Hidden Message

Just visit the website, choose your puzzle and follow the steps to make your puzzle. You can choose to have your puzzle come out as HTML (To print directly from your browser) or Text (Use the Text feature if you plan to cut/paste your puzzle into a document)

It is so easy to make the puzzles - you could be finished in minutes.

Have fun!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

One more use for duct tape......Modified X box controller

For people with disabilities, video game consoles (and more specifically the game controllers) sometimes create a barrier that is hard to overcome. Have you ever tried to figure out how to hit all those buttons simultaneously!

The team at Evil Controllers created this modification for a young man with Muscular Dystrophy to enable him to play his X Box 360. The modification is made of X Box controller parts, a bag of rice and of course.....duct tape.

Check out the article at PC World here.

The video clip below shows the modification in action. Check it out on You Tube

Friday, June 04, 2010

Autism Therapy: A new face?

Visit Popular Science online here to read about "The New Face of Autism Therapy". Bandit, whose picture is above, was developed at the University of Southern California to be both sympathetic and sensitive enough to interact with children with autism. The program works off the notion, and increasing evidence, that children with autism respond more naturally to machines than people.

Very interesting program with a great potential. What do you think? Please comment below.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

iPad as a Communication Device

Like the buds on my rosebushes, possibilities for using Apple’s new iPad as a communication device are starting to bloom. And they promise to get better and easier as more apps are created and tweaks are found. We have acquired a few iPads for our Technology Lending Center. Since they’ve come in, our staff has been exploring and experimenting.

Recently, I found an informative and insightful user review from Canadian writer and author Glenda Watson Hyatt. Her blog, Do It Myself Blog, regularly features excellent posts on accessibility issues and self-advocacy. Here she shares her initial review of the iPad as a communication device. Find out how she did using the Proloquo2Go app and the iPad's keyboard feature.

In a related note, Cory Bohon at MacLife shares a few money-saving tips and hacks you can do with the $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Gabcast

Do you want to create podcasts? How about audio content for your blog? Try Gabcast

According to their website:

" is a podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content. Most people will use a touch-tone telephone to make their recordings but we also provide worldwide access to the service through VoIP. Once you have made a recording and have published it, a newsfeed is immediately and automatically updated to alert subscribers to your channel."

Recording your audio material using Voice over IP is FREE, however if you want to use the telephone recording feature you must purchase minutes.

Do you want to hear an example? Check out this link to go to the 8th grade Spanish class recordings. Once you sign up, you can create your own channel to organize your recordings.

Check it out and let your voice be heard! Comments?? As always, feel free to leave them below.