Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Comeeko

Since it's summer - today's Web 2.0 Wednesday will focus on something fun!

Check out Comeeko and create comic strips from your own pictures! Simply create your FREE login and start uploading your pictures. Once your pictures are uploaded - just organize them into a story. Add speech bubbles and effects to really draw in the readers. After your comic strips are created, they are stored on the website and each strip has an html code which allows you to insert the strip into other pages. If you want to create a hard copy of the student's work - the comic strips can be printed out.

For students who struggle with writing tasks, completing a writing assignment is difficult. This method may provide a different level of engagement with the activity - and may produce winning results.

The comic below is something I created to celebrate the US Mens Soccer Team victory in the World Cup. I admit that there isn't much writing going on here - but I was engaged in the activity!

a comic strip!

Try it out and leave a comment below. Even better - create a comic strip and share is with us!

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