Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glucose Tester for Children

When you are a diabetic, there are specific things you need to do everyday either once a day or many times a day. The one thing diabetics have to do is check their glucose levels this is a task that you know has to be done but you do not look forward it. It does not really hurt but who wants to stick themselves with a needle place it on a little strip and wait for the magic numbers to appear so you know how to proceed with your meal. Not as motivating as one would think after the first 100 sticks. Bayer has come out made testing your blood more “Fun”. Bayer and Nintendo teamed up to design the DIDGET, which connect directly to Nintendo DS and DS lite gaming systems.

The game is designed to encourage individuals (marketed toward kids) to be consistent about testing and meeting their personalized glucose target ranges. The device is not covered by insurance however the testing supplies would be (if your insurance covers them) because the machine uses the same strips as other Bayer devices.

From the press release:

Bayer's DIDGET meter is intended for use by kids ages 4-14 and grows with the child's ability to manage their diabetes, offering two testing levels, Basic and Advanced. It comes with Knock 'Em Downs™: World's Fair that includes a full length adventure game and mini game arcade. The DIDGET meter will connect to Bayer's DIDGET™ World (, a password-protected Web community that is coming soon, where kids can spend points that they earn from consistent monitoring practices and create their own page.

The device can be purchased through and

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