Wednesday, July 21, 2010

REX - The Robotic Exoskeleton

This new device has been developed by REX Bionics in New Zealand to assist wheelchair users. Once the person is secured into the robotic legs, they can stand, walk, move side to side, climb steps and move around on any hard surface! Once the person transfers into REX - they control all the movements with a joystick.

The company was started by two friends, Richard Little and Robert Irving, who have a direct link to people with disabilities (both their mothers are wheelchair users). In addition, Robert was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven years ago.

REX is now available in New Zealand and the company hopes to have it approved for sale in Europe and Australia soon. They are also working in FDA approval - so they can sell REX in the United States.

Do you want to see REX in action? Click this link to go directly to the Video and Media page on the REX website.

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