Friday, July 02, 2010

TLC Spotlight - TrackerPro

Tracker Pro by Madentec is a mouse replacement device that enables people with little or no hand movement to perform all mouse functions by moving their head.

How Does It Work?

Plug & Play: No software is required. Just plug TrackerPro into the USB port of your computer and you're done.

Plug Tracker Pro into the mouse/USB port (instead of a mouse) and mount it on top of a LCD computer screen, laptop, or augmentative communication device. Tracker Pro’s high-resolution intelligent camera is in a solid aluminum enclosure. You need a tiny round reflective dot that you wear on your forehead or glasses. When you move your head, Tracker Pro elegantly converts that into computer mouse movement, and you move your mouse cursor. Clicking can be accomplished by using ability switches, or dwell click software such as MagicCursor2000 or WISP. Dwell technology, built into many AAC devices also works to let you click.

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