Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Workstation Accommodations - Desk and Chair

The main barrier to employment for some individuals is their desk and chair. Look at your desk and chair - is it meeting your needs?? For employees with disabilities, the lack of support and comfort from their workstation could be too much of a barrier to overcome.

We recently obtained a revolutionary powered height adjustable desk and zero gravity chair to use for evaluations with employees with disabilities.

Check out this video of the chair and desk in action.

Here are the details:

Perfect Chair - For employees who are unable to sit comfortably in an office chair, the Perfect Chair provides zero gravity support which reduces stress on their back and extremities. The tilt function is controlled by a button located on the armrest.

Ergo Quest 200 Desk - This powered height adjustable desk is the "perfect" compliment to the Perfect Chair (sorry-couldn't resist!). Once the employee is positioned comfortably in the chair, they can use the height adjustment of the table to find the best location for the monitor.

As the person goes through the workday, they may need to change position. No problem. Since each tool is totally adjustable, the person can find the position that meets their needs and have the workstation accommodate them!

This accommodation could enable a person to remain employed and work to their potential.

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  1. how much does one of these sweet setups go for?