Friday, April 02, 2010

Talk to your iPAD

I know...everywhere you look recently there is another article about the iPAD and how it is the next greatest must-have device. With the iPAD coming out tomorrow, the amount of press is sure to increase (if that is possible!).

This post won't be about that - if you want those kinds of articles check out:
Crave - The Gadget Blog from C/NET
Gizmodo - Search for iPAD
or visit the official Apple iPAD Store

Instead, we will focus on the ability to use the FREE (yes..I said it!) Dragon Dictation app on the iPAD! According to Nuance, the application runs the Dragon Naturally Speaking speech engine and will allow users to dictate directly into the iPAD.

As the iPAD starts to get in the hands of users, we will update this post with user reviews of this software. Using Dragon on the iPAD may be a viable alternative to a laptop computer and would provide an additional level of flexibility to speech recognition users.

Do you have an iPAD? Want to be a guest reviewer? Leave a comment below and share your experiences.

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