Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Author Point Lite

Have you created a PowerPoint presentation but need to share it with students or co-workers? Afraid everyone doesn't have PowerPoint on their computer?

No worries - try Author Point Lite from authorGEN Technologies.

This free download allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations and convert them to Flash. Once converted, the file can be embedded into a blog, website, etc.

The Flash file retains all your timing, narration,etc.

Check out this example from the company website

Now anyone can view your presentation over the Internet, regardless of the software on their home computer.

But what if you want to create video files to play on an iPOD? Simply upload the file (5 minutes of video or under) to their website and the company will convert it for free to an mp4 format.

Do you have another website you use to convert PowerPoint files? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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