Monday, March 29, 2010

Switch Adapted Music Players

Portable music players are everywhere today. I know that we can't go for any ride in the car anymore without my kids plugging in their iPODS! While these devices offer us the ability to listen to what we want - for children with disabilities these devices may be impossible to control.

RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. has addressed this issue by offering an array of accommodations for portable music players. Check out a couple of these examples below:

Switch Adapted mp3 player:

This device consists of a USB mp3 player that has been modified to accept several single switches to enable the person to control the functions of the device independently.

But...what if you already own an iPOD and want to control it with switches? Check out the Big Button iPOD remote.

This device will enable you to control the functions of your iPOD wirelessly!

Do you know of another solution for access to portable music players? Leave a comment below and share your resources.

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