Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween .... ideas for suggestions

This isn't really a technology based post. However, Halloween is this weekend. If you are still scrambling for ideas, I hope this post helps.

Individuals with disabilities often need creative ideas to include their wheelchairs. I found some resources that you may find helpful for fast some easier than other costumes.

Here are some of my ideas:

Dictionary Page, White Pages: Take a white plastic tablecloth cut a hole out of the top so you can slip it over a person's head. Then write with a permanent marker either words from a dictionary page or white pages. (OLD SCHOOL)

Whiteboard: Same as above except you can have people can add messages.

Take a large box fit it around the wheelchair….

You can decorate it as a bed. You can add monkeys jumping on bed (10 little monkeys jumping on the bed).

Make it look like a picnic table. Place plates all around. Ants on the table.


If you make a box out of PVC:

You can do one of the following:

Puppet Show.

Fortune Teller: The old fashion fortune teller in a box.

Motorcycle :

Giant Kick Scooter. All you would need is the single handle bar that comes directly in front of the individual and a piece of cardboard with silver paint lays under the wheelchair to be the “platform”.

Here are the links to some creative ideas bookmark them for next year.

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