Friday, September 23, 2011

Let's Hear It For The Little Guy - Feel Good Fridays

I always root for the underdog. Always. I want to support the person or group that no one things can win the race, game, competition, ect. So when I read Richard's story, I was ecstatic.

In an effort of full disclosure, my family and I know Richard personally through his non-profit organization, Able West Inc. Every summer my father participates in the LBI Wheelchair race that Able West sponsors and stays in contact with him during the year.

The cliff notes of Richard's story are this. In 2003 he received a statement from Medicaid that indicated that the government agency paid for 700 hours of services from Maxim Health care that he never received. 700 hours!

He went to the Medicaid help line for support, but was told that his case would be looked into. When he heard nothing, he searched and found an attorney in Maryland, Robin West, of no relation, and she filed a whistle blower lawsuit.

An investigation was established that encompassed 43 states, and resulted in Maxim paying $150 million in penalties.

Richard will be receiving about $10 million from this settlement. To read the full article, click here.

The importance of self advocacy is what keeps repeating in my mind when I think about Richard's case. If he was not persistent, Maxim's fraud would never have surfaced. It is imperative that we teach our consumers self advocacy to help them improve their lives.

Let's hear it for the underdog!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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