Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ah- HA Moment! - You know you want one - Feel Good Fridays

For the past few weeks I have been re-learning some software that I knew well about 4 years ago, but due to lack of use, had forgotten how to use. Additionally, I am learning how to use some software that I never been exposed to before; therefore, it is brand new.

What became apparent to me as I was working through this is that I forgot how frustrating it can be to learn something new; especially when you need to know it well and the intention is that it not for your own use, but that you teach it to someone else. I feel like I did when I was first started writing lesson plans and figuring out how to manage my class. It was frustrating and there were growing pains, but over time, just like anything else, I learned how to do it, and how to do it well.

I think that having this experience is not a bad thing; in fact it was a very good reminder and should happen more often. This feeling is how our students feel often and it can be easy for us to forget that. Being frustrated learning something new reminded me that patience is essential, solid teaching plans are critical, and cutting yourself or someone some slack and allowing adequate time to learn something is absolutely necessary. Ah, HA!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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