Thursday, August 04, 2011

TLC Spotlight - Intel Reader

Point. Shoot. Listen...

The Intel® Reader:

  • Helps blind or low-vision individuals gain reading independence
  • Lets users read anytime, anyplace
  • Resizes text for low-vision readers
  • Is easy to use—intuitive functionality doesn’t require sight
  • Stores large amounts of text
  • Is compatible with audio books of various types
The Intel® Reader transforms printed text to the spoken word. It combines a high-resolution camera with the power of an Intel® Atom™ processor. Read on the spot, or store text for later listening. Everything about it is, well, easy.

Easy to UsePoint-and-shoot style lets users quickly capture and listen to printed text on the spot, or at their leisure. Easy-to-locate buttons, audio and visual navigation, and straightforward menus keep things simple.

Features at a glance:
  • Tactile buttons, voice menus, and simple navigation for easy operation
  • Point-shoot-listen for quick, easy reading of short documents or reading on the go
  • The Intel Portable Capture Station makes it convenient to capture and store books or large documents
  • Content is stored in a digital talking book format for easy use and navigation
  • The Intel Reader recognizes document elements such as columns and pages, and users can navigate within the text
  • Users can mark favorite documents for quick retrieval

Check out the video...

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