Friday, August 26, 2011

I locked my keys in the car - Feel Good Fridays

I am neurotic about making sure I don't lock my keys in the car. This neuroses comes from the fact that I greatly dislike not being able to pick up and go when I want to.

Well, I locked my keys in my car last week. It happened in the most ridiculous way. I was putting my rolling cart into my car after an appointment, and had my keys in my hand. Inadvertently, I hit the key fab thinking I pressed the unlock button. I tossed my keys onto the drivers seat, finished putting the cart in the car and closed the door. That is when I heard the beep which means that all the doors are locked. Of course I tested them, just to be sure.

I CAN NOT believe I was that dumb.

Thankfully, I was still in my consumer's driveway. So I walked back up to the house to ask to Google the number for AAA. I did, I called, and they said they were running on a 60 MINUTE delay. Great. So I thanked the consumer and told them I was going to wait out by the car.

A few minutes later, the consumer emerges from the garage with a wedge, a rubber mallet and a wire hanger in hand. He said he has bailed out his friends and wife several times and he would be happy to try and open my doors, rather than make me wait for AAA.

I am hesitant, but grateful, so I tell him to go ahead. In about 5 minutes my car doors are opened and I am calling AAA to cancel the call.

I told him I really, really appreciated his help. He told me that I am helping him and so he is just returning the favor. He said "I can't do what you do, and you can't do what I can do. It all comes around in the end".

Words to live by.

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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