Thursday, August 18, 2011

TLC Spotlight - Big Keys Keyboard

Big Keys Keyboard

Big Key Plus Keyboard with White keys

  • BigKeys keyboards are simplified computer keyboards.
  • BigKeys LX has 60 extra-large keys and retains all the functions of a standard keyboard.
  • All keys are easy to see: 1-inch square!
  • Familiar QWERTY alpha key layout. ABC layout is also available. Note that key order (ABC or QWERTY) can be switched on all BigKeys keyboards!
  • Easy-to-read key labels: large black printing on bright-white, bright-yellow, or multi-color keys -OR- bright-white letters on black keys! 
 BigKeys LX, Color / QWERTY
Contains all essential characters: 97 character keyset. Compatible with all major software packages.
No special software required! Just plug into your PC in place of the regular keyboard..
No run-on! Each key press generates only 1 character, no matter how long the key is held down.

If you need a keyguard - No worries.. we have them..
BigKeys Keyguards are made of clear, rigid, break-resistant plastic.  The keyguard attaches easily to your BigKeys keyboard and helps to stabilize fingers on the right key while minimizing errors. Allows the user to rest hands over the keys.

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