Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cure for the Summertime Blahs

It’s bound to happen sooner or later this summer.  Maybe it’ll come when the sun has strayed too long behind a cloud or when the humidity reaches its sticky zenith; eventually some young one will mutter, “I’m bored.” 

We’ve got the perfect antidote: Sheppard Software.  Their website, features hundreds of wonderful educational activities for learners of all levels. There are a slew of colorful activities for the pre-school set and a variety of games and quizzes to help older students tackle things like world geography, the Periodic Table of the Elements and SAT and GRE vocabulary. 

Many of the games offer different levels to accommodate a variety of learners – from the L Level for learning to the Master Level.  Times and scores are available for competitive players. 

Games are free – although you’ll find some advertising on the site. Subscriptions are available and allow ad-free access.  There are rates for schools and families. Don’t miss the section where teachers can download some games free of charge.

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