Monday, July 11, 2011

APP Attack! Bamboo Paper APP and Stylus

Apple just announced in a press release last week that they have reached 15 billion APP downloads! This incredible number is spread across 200 million users - which works out to an average of 75 APP downloads for each user!!

This weeks post focuses on an APP and a piece of iPad hardware.

The Bamboo Paper APP allows you to write on your iPad screen with either a stylus or your finger. You can create virtual notebooks on your iPad with notes, sketches, etc.

Once you create these virtual notebooks you can browse through thumbnail images of the pages, bookmark individual pages and email all / or part of a notebook.

This APP is FREE so try it today!

While you can use your finger with this APP, why not try writing on your iPad with a stylus! There are many options out there, but why not try the Bamboo Stylus. Due to the capacitive screen of the iPad, you can't just use any pointer to access the screen (such as a pencil, etc.).

Capacitive Screens require the small electrical charge - like from your finger - in order to recognize the area of the screen you are accessing.

The stylus looks like a pen - but has a special tip to interact with the screen of the iPad. For someone who struggles to isolate a finger to access the iPad screen - this would be a great access method. of course, you could modify the stylus with straps, velcro or a molded body to assist someone with holding the device. While it might be difficult to do lots of writing with the stylus - the tip is fine enough to allow writing on the screen of a fairly small size.

The stylus is more expensive than most others - at around $30 - but seems to be more durable and should withstand the rigors of your iPad use!

Have you used either this APP or stylus? If so, leave a comment below and share your experiences.

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