Thursday, June 30, 2011

TLC Spotlight - Communicator by SAJE Technology

Wireless,Voice-Activated Telephone System

COMMUNICATOR offers a complete wireless, voice-activated telephone system that will connect your  
Windows XP computer. COMMUNICATOR is the perfect affordable solution for voice controlled
telephone needs. The headset can be worn, mounted or used with a SAJE speaker phone kit.

  • No voice training
  • Place a call by speaking a person's name or individual digits
  • Use voice commands to pick up call waiting, access multiple lines, control volume and mute functionality, redial and much more (1)
  • Connect to your contacts in your Windows XP address book, Microsoft Outlook or similar contact manager
  • Use the headset as a microphone for your voice recognition software (2)
  • Connect to any ability switch for "Wake up" activation of the system
  • Available auditory feedback of all commands
  • Freedom to answer and place calls up to 500 feet from the base station
  • Available power supplies allow use of power from wall or wheelchair
Frequently asked questions

Q: What operating system does Communicator work with?
A: Communicator is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP.

Q: Does Communicator require a switch?
A: Yes, Communicator requires a switch to “wake up” the system and ready it for voice commands.
This keeps the user in control of when commands are issued, and extends the battery life when not
in use.

Q: What kind of switch is needed?
A: Any style of adaptive switch the user can operate which has a 1/8” plug output.

Q: How long do Communicator batteries last?
A: Standard Communicator batteries have a talk time of about 2 hours, a standby time of about 80
hours, and recharge time of 90 minutes. Extended life batteries have a talk time of about 8 hours, a standby time of up to 300 hours, and recharge time of about 6-7 hours.

Q: Do I have to use the batteries?
A: No, SAJE Technology offers power adaptors available to run the headset either from wall or a
wheelchair power.

Q: Is Communicator a Bluetooth device?
A: No, Communicator utilizes a 900MHz digital spread spectrum signal between the headset and

Q: Do I have to wear the headset all the time?
A: No, SAJE Technology offers speakerphone kits, and other mounting options.

Q: What is the Communicator SPIDER?
A: The Communicator SPIDER uses the same technology as the Communicator headset, only
repackaged with individual connectors for the microphone input, speaker output, switch input, and
an optional connector for a standard wired telephone headset.

Q: Can I use Communicator for voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking?
A: Yes, with additional software Communicator is an excellent voice recognition microphone.

Q: What range does Communicator have?
A: Communicator has a range of up to 500 feet from headset to base station.

Q: Are there monthly or reoccurring fees associated with using SAJE technology products?
A: There are no fees outside of your standard phone bill for using a SAJE technology device.

Q: Does Communicator work on a digital phone line?
A: Not directly. The standard Communicator supports an analog phone line typically found in a
residential home. SAJE Technology has adapters that allow the communicator to operate on a
digital phone line. Please contact us with the specific service provider of your phone service and
we can tell you which adapter you need.

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