Monday, June 06, 2011

APP Attack! Typ-O HD

Today we are going to look at a powerful word prediction app: Typ-O HD. If you are familiar with Assistive Technology word prediction software (such as Co:Writer and WordQ) - this is the APP version of those tools.

For people who struggle with spelling and constructing sentences, word prediction is a powerful tool. A person simply starts a word and the tool provides suggestions that it "thinks" the person is trying to type. Once your word is displayed, simply select it and it is typed into your document.

Some of the additional features of Typ-O HD include:

Word prediction
Typ-O finds your word (and the next one) in its vast model of common English words and phrases.

Text to speech
Listen to your word before you select it. Hear your words and your sentences, before you email or SMS them.

Perfect spelling optional
Typ-O knows the most common spelling mistakes, and will often suggest words even if you have misspelled them.

In addition, the iPad version of this app includes spell check, a file management features and the ability to choose from four different voices.

Typ-O HD is developed by SecondGuess apps and costs $14.99

Check this one out and leave a comment below with your experiences.

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  1. This APP is fabulous for students with learning disabilities in the area of writing. We have tried using this with a 5th grade student who is on the autism spectrum and he is typing so much faster and more accurately than on his netbook when taking notes in class or composing a story. GREAT!!!

  2. Hi,

    New version of Typ-O is out, featuring - among other things - better voices. They are "cloud" voices, and so are only available when your iPad or iPhone is connected to the Internet.

    Predictions are now presented at the cursor to make it easier for the user to keep track of their typing.

    Best regards,
    Anders, SecondGuess ApS, makers of Typ-O