Monday, June 13, 2011

APP Attack! New Accessibility Features in iOS5- Custom Gestures!

Coming this fall is an update to the "operating system" of the iPad and iPhone. People don't think about operating systems, but they are essential to accessibility. They define the way we interact with programs, and the way the programs interact with us.

For instance, the famous "gestures" that people use on iPads and iPhones-- think of the "swipe" motion that people make to turn a page or move to the next set of icons. These gestures are defined by the operating system (the new one is called iOS5). But what if someone with a disability has trouble doing that gesture? In the fall, when iOS5 comes out, Apple will allow you to define your own gestures.

We will have to try it out ourselves to see how it really works, but here are some screen shots, and an AppleInsider blog entry.
link to AppleInsider blog entry

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