Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Web 2.0 Wednesdays! PocketMod

Ever wanted to make a quick-reference booklet for yourself?  For a student?  PocketMods are cool little booklets that you can make yourself by first filling in a PowerPoint template formatted for PocketMods, and then printing out on a normal sheet of paper.

Here's a little video showing how to fold your PocketMod.

This PocketMod on assistive technology makes a nice handout, originally created by Allison McMahon, Cecil County Public Schools.  It summarizes information from Joy Zabala's SETT, and Wisconsin's WATI checklist.

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  1. I have been using/recommending PocketMod for about 5 years - teachers and kids love it! I have found that anything you can put into a pdf you can "PocketMod" - so if you want to make a tiny little picture schedule, or communication board, or whatever - as long as you can get it into pdf, it's a go! I have also used it for training as little "how to" books for participants. It IS tiny though, so you have to think about visual and motor access, but it's really pretty cool for low tech!