Monday, March 28, 2011

APP Attack! Mini Book Report

I often search for apps that allow my students to complete an activity parallel to their peers. In Mini Book Report app your students can complete their book reports on the iPad. The Mini Book report from Nth Fusion students are walked through the book report process screen by screen. There are 6 color icons on the top of the page, name, characters, setting, problem, solution and My view. The student can work in any order they wish. The student can preview and share their reports with others via email. The file comes in PDF format.

I was very encouraged to see the students all asking to use the app for their book reports in the media center. All the students were given a paper copy of the book report and they would fill out their information the iPad. The paper copy was for reference of what information was needed when it was their turn on the iPad.

There are two features I would like to see added. I would like to see be added to the app is the ability to check spelling. The iPad does some of the spell correction however for students that struggle with spelling, the iPad doesn't always correct errors. The second feature that is a must have is students need to be able to save their work and return to it at a later date. Now they needed to complete the task in one sitting which for many individuals is a difficult task.

Do you have a favorite APP you would like to see highlighted? Let us know - maybe you could even be a guest contributor!

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