Monday, February 14, 2011

APP Attack! ZoomReader

Exciting news in the area of text to speech support for reading. aiSquared, the company behind Zoom Text, announced recently a new app that is coming soon!

ZoomReader will allow you to use your iPod built in camera to take a picture of any text. Then using state of the art Optical Character Recognition (OCR) the app will translate that picture into text.

Some of the other features of the app, according to the website, are:

  • Simple UI designed with large buttons and integration with iPhone’s VoiceOver feature to ensure accurate screen control and ease-of-use by the visually impaired
  • The only iOS solution built from the ground up for low-vision users that features both OCR and an audio synthesizer for reading back captured text
  • Customizable highlight colors, synthesizer, text size and speech rate
While the app is being marketed towards the blind / low vision community, the usefulness of these features for anyone with a print disability are obvious.

Do you want to learn more? Check out this video for additional information.

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