Friday, January 21, 2011

TLC Spotlight - QuickTalker

They're here........

We are very excited, we have finally received our QuickTalker12, and QuickTalker23 for the Technology Lending Center.

 QuickTalker Communication Devices are a fun, gender neutral solution for beginning communicators. They feature a sleek design with rounded edges and common sense controls. The QuickTalker's rugged casing will withstand many years of use and the built-in handle makes it a breeze to transport between classes or locations. A variety of grid sizes and message locations make give the QuickTalker the flexibility to customize the level and learning experience for each student.  The two that we have for our Lending Center are the QuickTalker12 and the QuickTalker23.   See Below Specs:

QuickTalker 12
Message Locations: 9
Recording Time: 12 minutes

QuickTalker 23
Message Locations: 20
Recording Time: 20 minutes

What do you think? Do you want to TRY IT before you BUY IT? Then join our Technology Lending Center. Click here to join today!

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