Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FREE Webinar:Securely Manage Student and Faculty iPads at the Point of Learning

I received this email today and thought people might be interested in this FREE resource. While this offer came from Campus Technology (focus on post secondary environment) - there may be useful strategies for the K-12 environment.


Campus Technology and BoxTone present:

FREE webinar: Securely Manage Student and Faculty iPads at the Point of Learning
February 10, 2011 @ 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern
Register Now: http://www.1105info.com/t.do?id=6890851:1197838

The iPad represents a powerful new way to expand learning both inside and outside the classroom, changing how students and faculty acquire, interact with and use knowledge. But with large scale deployments comes security, IT support and cost concerns, including the risk of a regulatory violation (think FERPA) or financial loss from the loss or unauthorized use of even one network-connected device. With most help desks staffs flat or shrinking, university and school system IT departments urgently need automated mobile management systems to effectively respond to the iPad explosion.This free webinar will cover how to enable, deploy, support, audit and protect access to the iPad. Key topics will include:1. How to properly secure iPad devices at the point of learning2. How to prevent the iPad from causing regulatory violations or financial loss3. How to create an IT support structure that ensures superior iPad service quality at the lowest cost

Register now-it's FREE!http://www.1105info.com/t.do?id=6890852:1197838

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