Monday, January 03, 2011

Not all Voice Activated Intercoms are created equal

I have a consumer who lives in a two story home. This would not be a problem, except that he requires full assistance to get out of bed. He has extremely limited mobility and dexterity. Additionally, his wife spends the majority of her day downstairs while he is upstairs. One last thing; he has a very soft voice and cannot call her for assistance when he needs it.

They wanted an intercom system to be able to communicate between floors. So I thought, WRONGLY, "How hard can it be to find a Voice Activated intercom system?" Apparently it is very hard because many intercom systems are labeled "Voice Activated" when they really aren't. I found many that required the user to press and hold a button to activate the voice activation. Right, I scratched my head too.

However, after much searching, our own TLC Coordinator, Janet Zoda came to the rescue with this TRULY voice activated two way radio.

The consumer has been using it for 2 weeks and loves it. He said that it really worked great and has been a life saver. Another satisfied consumer.

So buyer beware! When something says "Voice Activated" do the research to find out if it really is. Or just use this 2 way radio that worked for this consumer. Hopefully this post will save someone a LOT of time.

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