Friday, October 29, 2010

TLC Spotlight - Watchminder2

Did I take my medication today?   Need a reminder?

The WatchMinder2 is a programmable vibrating reminder watch that looks like a standard sports wristwatch - the watch vibrates and a reminder message discreetly appears!

The WatchMinder2 uses a vibration system (similar to that of the common pager) that is easy to feel and privately alerts the person to do a particular task. The watch also has a beeping alert.  The watch is easy to program, the screen is large and easy to read by persons of all ages, and all of the 60 messages have been pre-programmed in the memory of the watch. The WatchMinder2 can be programmed with personalized messages.  The WatchMinder2 has two modes, the reminder mode and the training mode. Both modes can be operational at the same time. The watch has 30 daily alarms. Reminders can repeat daily or can be scheduled for the future dates and times.

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