Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Sensitive Switch in Action

Deedee is three years old and, like most children her age, she likes to play.  Deedee has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, an illness that has robbed her of muscle control and the ability to move her arms and legs or hold up her head. But she still likes to play.

Deedee is able to move her eyebrows and her eyes and she can move her fingers and toes a little bit.  And a little bit is all it takes to control some switches.  Deedee started out using the MicroLight very successfully. But after a hospital stay last February, Deedee’s strength was quite diminished.  Now she uses a Sensor switch, which responds to the lightest of touches.  With it, Deedee can activate her Buzz Lightyear Bubblemaker and play computer games.  The Sensor switch allows Deedee to be in control and to play on her own.

Deedee’s family has been able to borrow a wide variety of switches and equipment from Advancing Opportunities’ Technology Lending Center.  They can test and try switches to be sure Deedee will be able to use them.

Deedee’s mom, Vivian, says, “Through the TLC, Deedee has been able to test diverse items and see which are fit for her needs and which are not viable. Right now we cannot afford to actually buy equipment, so we are very grateful for the TLC’s excellent services. Our family sees a very caring staff that goes through great lengths to help our kids. Thanks for all you do, TLC!”

To see a video of Deedee in action, visit her blog here.

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