Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Paper Rater

Do you want to edit your writing to check for grammar errors? How about searching to ensure that there is no plagiarized work within your paper? Then try Paper Rater . This service was designed to evaluate high school and college level papers.

Simply copy and paste your work into the online form and the website will instantly evaluate your writing and provide suggestions for improvement. The website focuses on the following areas:

  • plagiarism detection
  • spelling and grammar check
  • style and word choice analysis
  • readability stats
While the service is free now - there will be upcoming improvements that will be included in the premium version. No price has been listed yet for the premium service.

According to the website, additional features will include:

  • tools to overcome writer’s block
  • idea analyzer: are your paper’s ideas well-supported by your text?
  • ability to create a personal database online for your essays and research papers
  • advanced word choice analysis using genetic algorithms
  • search hundreds of online databases automatically
So, if you are having trouble with that writing assignment - try this website out. As always, comments are welcome below.

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