Friday, June 25, 2010

TLC Spotlight - The G.R.I.P. Pad

OOPS! Drop something again?

Well - hold it in place with the G.R.I.P. Pad. According to the website:

The G.R.I.P. Pad (Gadgets Remain In Place) is a patent pending, unique, non skid, slimline lap or vehicle platform that holds objects in place on the top surface and "no slip" on the underside. It facilitates ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) and promotes greater independence.

The G.R.I.P. Pad can be customized for a specific need. The secret of The G.R.I.P. Pad is the high friction coefficient "non-slip" fabric and it's rigid structure. The surface fabric is water resistant, cleans or decons easily and tolerates up to 200 degrees F.

The G.R.I.P. Pad makes the most everyday requirements easier and faster. It also functions as a mobile office assistant while on the move and fits nicely into a laptop bag. As a sidekick on the passenger seat, it minimizes objects flying off the seat and onto the floor.
"My daughter Catherine loves her GRIP pad - she makes her own oatmeal each morning and there were always problems about getting it from the microwave to the table without burning her legs (she only has use of one arm) and this is the perfect answer. She is finding that she can use it in her volunteer jobs for a variety of purposes - gives her a nice lap for holding all sorts of things to transport from one place to another." -- Sandy

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