Thursday, June 03, 2010

iPad as a Communication Device

Like the buds on my rosebushes, possibilities for using Apple’s new iPad as a communication device are starting to bloom. And they promise to get better and easier as more apps are created and tweaks are found. We have acquired a few iPads for our Technology Lending Center. Since they’ve come in, our staff has been exploring and experimenting.

Recently, I found an informative and insightful user review from Canadian writer and author Glenda Watson Hyatt. Her blog, Do It Myself Blog, regularly features excellent posts on accessibility issues and self-advocacy. Here she shares her initial review of the iPad as a communication device. Find out how she did using the Proloquo2Go app and the iPad's keyboard feature.

In a related note, Cory Bohon at MacLife shares a few money-saving tips and hacks you can do with the $29 iPad Camera Connection Kit.

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  1. Is there a core vocabulary (Gateway, Word Power, etc.) that can be installed on the iPad or does the vocabulary s/ware have to come from iTunes?