Saturday, October 31, 2009

Conference Update - ATIA Chicago - Day 2 - Wrap up

Well...Day 2 has come and gone. More great sessions and networking opportunities.

Highlights from the day:

  • "Profiling Professional Development" - presented by the AT team from Loudoun County VA. They highlighted a survey they conducted with their teachers to determine training needs. Great examples of training strategies. Best Prize of the day: Tech Tip Daily Desk Calendar! Thanks Karen and Chris.
  • Looking for a podcast about AT - check out Chris's at
  • Winner for most interesting session of the day: "Creating Accessible Text and Digital Reading on the iPOD" by Dan from PATINS (IN). Dan went through many examples of software tools (mostly free - some cheap) for both the MAC and PC platform. Great resources - great examples - great job Dan!
Overall, the first ATIA conference has been a great success and I am sure will continue on here in Chicago for many years.

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