Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Netbook Project - Science

Well, the school year is in full swing and Haley has her first research project. Finally we get to see her Netbook in action. (see the original Netbook post here)

I walked in today to the scene at the right.

She explained that this is a partner project. They have to work together to complete a research project on Telescopes. The project happens both at home and school. She is collecting the facts for the project and her partner is collecting all the images. Then they will work together during school to put the project together.

I asked her how she went about finding her information and she explained the following steps:
  1. She went to Google and typed "telescope history".
  2. After reviewing the first two search results (!) - she went a Wikipedia page titled "History of Telescopes"
  3. That led to the majority of her info + another link led to the Hubble Telescope page.
Now we just need to work on paraphrasing the information and looking for sources beyond Wikipedia! Updates on her grade to follow

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