Monday, April 18, 2011

APP Attack! myMind G-START

Do you want to use your iPad to collect ideas, brainstorm, create to-do lists, etc.? Then why not try the myMind G-START mind mapping app?

According to the website, some of the features of this app include:

  • Picture topics: Unleash your visual memory muscles.
  • Map styles: Choose Organic style for presentations or choose Kinetic if you want a more productive environment.
  • 1-Tap create topic: The tapping is reduced at minimum, all the gestures for common tasks (create, move and delete topic, fold, unfold) require a double tap only, at most.
  • Auto-Layout insures that topics never get tangled and resizes the canvas to fit the map.
  • Minimal user interface frees all the screen space for your map.
  • Accessibility: No tiny buttons to tap, the smallest area to tap is the node itself.
  • NIGHT MODE: The map and user interface colors are specially chosen to reduce the strain on your eyes under low light conditions.
  • Dropbox Cloud background synchronization - no need to wait for maps to download.
Your finished mind maps can be attached to an email and opened as a PDF.

This App is FREE! Download it and try it today!

Do you have a favorite APP you would like to see highlighted? Let us know - maybe you could even be a guest contributor!

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