Friday, November 19, 2010

Assistive Technology Consideration

What does the term "AT Consideration" mean? I tell you what it doesn't mean. It doesn't mean checking a box on a student's IEP that asks, "Has AT been considered for this student?" when the team has not gone through the Consideration Process.

There are 16 performance areas to be considered in this process. Performance Areas are categories, established through best practices,in which measurable tasks can be identified AND which may require some form of accommodation, modification and/or AT to enable the student to perform at their highest level.

The categories are:
Compose Written Material
Mechanics of Writing
Computer Access
Seating, Positioning and Mobility
Recreation and Leisure
Activities of Daily Living
Transition to Adult Life
Student and Organization Skills

The Resource Tool for Considering Assistive Technology or RTACT(since everything we do has to have an acronym) is an EXTREMELY useful tool developed by the New Jersey Department of Education Office of Special Education to guide teams through the consideration process.
This tool examines each Performance Area. It details sample tasks that may be difficult for a student. It lists potentional modifications or accomidations that could be implemented to support the student in completing a task that they have difficulty completing. Then it lists potential AT solutions to trial if the previous modifications were unsuccessful.

Take a look at this tool and share it with collegues. For additional information on the AT Consideration Process, please check out the State Parent Advocacy Network's website.

If you have used the RTCAT in the Consideration Process, please leave a comment and tell us how it has supported you and your team. We love comments.....

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  1. Parents can use this tool to identify the areas that their child may have challenges with. Fill it out ahead of time and bring it to your next Team Meeting to make sure your input is part of the consideration process for AT.

    For more information on this tool and others join us for a Teleconference on AT on Dec. 16. Go to: