Friday, August 13, 2010

TLC Spotlight - Fusion

The Fusion is unlike any portable keyboard you've seen - it's the only portable word processor in it's class that has both Text to Speech and Word Prediction.

The fusion offers: Text to Speech, Word Prediction, Student Organization, Split Screen Spelling/Vocabulary program, Writing prompts, Formatted printouts, Automactic writing checklists,Score Key, Thesaurus, Math 101, and Keyboard Instruction.

Although the Fusion offers dozens of programs and options, you'll find it incredibly easy to use. Functions that students use most frequently like the thesaurus, font size adjustment, and word prediction all have dedicated keys for one-button access. All other options, like cut and paste, disabling spell check or adjusting the word prediction options are easily found in the menu.

What to see the fusion in action? Check out this Video !

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