Monday, August 09, 2010

No Button Bluetooth Headset

Last week, I spent a good chunk of time researching accessible phones for a new consumer I will be working with. I came across a “No Buttons Bluetooth Headset”. Typically, when using a bluetooth headset, the user is required to push a small button on the headset itself to answer or make calls. This can be a very challenging task for someone with limited sensation in their fingers, someone who can not reach the button on the headset, or someone who lacks the strength or dexterity to push the button. With the “No Buttons Headset”, this hurdle is eliminated. There is NO button to press.

So, how does it work? The user tilts his or her head toward a magnet that is on the end of a flexible rod. This comes with the bluetooth headset and can be attached to a wheelchair. It also comes with some small magnets that can be attached to a wrist splint or a pillow. This tilting action activates the headset, and will bring up your phones voice commands.

I haven't actually tried this headset out, but this web page will be bookmarked for the next time it is needed. I'd love to have feedback from anyone who has used this product.

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