Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sample Livescribe Notes and Recording: AT for Writing

What is the Livescribe pen, and how can it be used? From the manufacturer's website:
"Livescribe’s Pulse™ smartpen is an intuitive, pen and paper solution that captures everything students write and hear in the classroom, and enables easy, on–demand access to that information, giving all students a simple and more effective way to receive, review, and retain what they’ve learned in class"

Here is a professional example of it in use. When doing a presentation to the Burlington County School Social Workers on AT that supports students who are using whole words, pictures, and need speech feedback, I had an audience member take notes using my livescribe pen (thanks, Dodie!). The note taker was sitting in the back of the room, but you can still make out the audio.

To get the full effect, view it in Full Screen by clicking on the little orange arrow near the top of the handwritten notes page.

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