Monday, November 14, 2011

APP ATTACK! Spelling Notebook Lite

I am always looking for apps that allow you to customize. On the hunt for something for spelling that wasn’t just a sight word program. Spelling Notebook Lite is an app that you can customize the words. You can create a weekly spelling list. You can pick a word that is on the list or you can add a word if not present in the program list. Once you select the word, it announces the word. You can record the word in your own voice. Or for a student that struggles with typing, you can have them record a sentence for the word. When the student clicks on the word, they hear their sentence as they recorder it. You can delete the recording and allow the digital voice play the word.

The app has two specific features: you practice your words with a model or you test your words. This app is for elementary all the way to high school.

Things that I would like to see added even in a paid app.

  • Change of font size.
  • Ability to do some of the activities that teachers expect from their students in elementary. Alphabetic order, definition, building sentences.
  • Ability to turn off modeling in practice

Company Website:
iTunes Website:

Cost: Free for the lite

Cost: Full Verison $0.99

A little trick, if you want the ads to go away while your students are working, turn off the internet access to the device. The ads only work while the device is connected to the internet.

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