Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Web 2.0 Wednesday! Read The Words

This week we will be looking at a website that can provide text to speech support to any struggling student.

Read the Words - www.readthewords.com

Once you create your free login, you are able to copy and paste any text into the web page. After pasting your text, click the "Create Audio File" button and the website will convert your text into speech. You will receive an email once your file is finished and you can download it to your computer or embed it in a webpage. This mp3 file can then be used to support any struggling reader. There are options to change the voice and adjust the speed of the reading. Try it out and see if this support is beneficial for your students. Have you used it? Tell us about it by posting a comment.

Do you want to hear what the file sounds like? Click below to listen to this blog post.

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