Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you want to share?

Social networking sites have become all the rage. While most of these sites are good for connecting with people you haven't heard from since high school, very few offer an opportunity to connect with other professionals and share resources.

One tool helpful to professionals is Linked In. This site enables you to connect with other professionals and network about various opportunities. Check out my profile here.

Another site I just heard about, but haven't had a chance to try out is called Better Lesson. This site was founded by a group of teachers from Atlanta and Boston to help other educators organize and share curriculum ideas and lesson plans. According to the web site, this group is guided by these core principles:
  • Collaboration
  • Universal Access
  • Real Recognition
  • Curriculum Matters
These web sites provide a forum for sharing and networking - become a part of the network!

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  1. Just a follow up article related to this from Tech & Learning:

    Dispelling Social Media Myths for Schools

    The most interesting fact for me from the article - according to an April 2009 Harris poll, 48% of the adults in the US have at least one social network profile!